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Fisher Films Camp 2016
Fisher Films Camp 2016
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ITC Acting Camp 2017
ITC Summer Acting Camp 2017
ITC Summer Acting Camp 2017
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In order to better fit our mission, SPArC (School-wide Performing Arts Collaborative) club has now changed its name to...


Experience.  Partnerships.  Inspiration.  Creativity

Our mission is to give students an opportunity to EXPERIENCE different forms of cultural events so that they can build an understanding of all the ways that The Arts can be used throughout life.  We encourage PARTNERSHIPS with their peers through team-building fundraisers as well as opening doors for networking with professional Artists.  We give students the resources to INSPIRE the community with many student-lead fundraisers/events that allow them to try their hand in what could be a possible career-path.  And finally, we show them the true meaning of CREATIVITY.  We feel that the word "creativity" encompasses many/all different Art forms and ideas.  Creativity teaches innovation, problem-solving, thinking outside-the-box, and ensemble which are detrimental to a path of success.  

E.P.I.C at Irmo brings professional performances of ALL kinds to its members once a month (during school hours)  so that students can experience cultural events without having to worry about purchasing tickets and/or transportation.  We also provide characters for community events, we host an annual family-friendly Haunted Theater event, and (each year) we take a field trip somewhere in S.C. to experience Art in different communities!  

We hope that you and/or your students will join us this year for EPIC performances, workshops, and/or events!

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